Orchards of Anecdotes

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Orchards of Anecdotes is an initiative by PlanetSpark to recognize the budding
youth writers. Writing has always been an excellent vocation which allows one to
develop the power of expression and connect with others through words. These star
authors are the pride of PlanetSpark. They have developed extraordinary writing
skills and this anthology of short stories written by these kids is a testament to
their brilliance.
This opportunity to get officially published in a book is exclusively provided in
order to hone their talents and encourage them to write more.
We truly believe that this book is just another feather in their cap and these kids
will grow up to become best-selling authors and this book is the first step in their
writing journey.
All the stories that are published in Orchards of Anecdotes are curated to give
the reader a varied experience and take them through diverse adventures on the
cart of words.


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