Team Up With Teens (Second edition)


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Team Up with Teens is a powerful resource for parents. It is packed with practical tips to guide them through the rugged terrain of raising adolescents by partnering with them as a team and empower their teens to become their best version. It is like a handy parenting toolkit to help parents guide their adolescents to resolve the tricky issues of puberty. It is a succinct guide with the most effective parenting strategies for raising modern teenagers. The information shared in various chapters will enable parents to equip themselves to support their teenagers through the tumultuous years. It not only elaborates on the methods of enhancing a teen’s Emotional and Spiritual Intelligence but also guides parents on how to raise their children to be socially well adjusted, morally strong, and develop the ability to cultivate meaningful relationships. It offers solutions to problems related to academics, negative peer pressure, social media, and concerns about teen stress and anxiety. It is full of clues and hints for parents as to how they can weave opportunities for the development of creativity, cooperation, collaboration, facing competition, problem-solving skills, decision making, and goal setting into the fabric of daily routine. It is interspersed with ideas on conscious parenting and nurturing the uniqueness of teenagers. Additionally, the book intends to give the parents an in-depth understanding of how to build happy memories and how to chalk out a roadmap for the future and guide their teens in developing a vision and mission statement for themselves.


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