What is Books Mantra all about?

Your statement is concise and well-constructed. If you’d like a minor refinement for variety, you could consider:“Clever Fox Publishing proudly broadens its scope with its imprint, Books Mantra. Specializing in children’s literature, Books Mantra is dedicated to crafting captivating and educational content for young readers. Our focus is on creating high-quality books that spark creativity, fuel imagination, and instill a love for reading.”

What services do we provide?

We offer services in book illustration, writing support, content editing, publishing, marketing, and distribution support.

Can I submit a manuscript for consideration?

We appreciate your interest in contributing to Books Mantra. You can submit them to publish@booksmantra.com for our review. Our team will get in touch with you in case it is selected.

What is POD, Bulk print and Offset print?

Certainly, here’s an edited version tailored for books:Print on Demand (POD):Definition: Print on Demand is a printing and publishing process in which books or other documents are printed as needed. Each copy is produced individually, allowing for small quantities to be printed economically.Usage: Ideal for authors who want to print a limited number of copies or print copies as orders are received.Bulk Print:Definition: Bulk printing involves producing a large quantity of book copies in a single print run. This method is more cost-effective when producing a significant number of copies of the same book. Usage: Suitable for situations where a large quantity of book copies is needed at once, such as for distribution to retailers, events, or marketing campaigns.Offset Print:Definition: Offset printing is a traditional printing method where ink is transferred from a metal plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface. It is often used for large-scale book printing jobs.Usage: Commonly employed for high-volume book printing, such as for books, magazines, and newspapers. Offers high-quality printing with consistent results.

How much it cost to distribute a print book in India?

Books mantra, an imprint of Clever Fox Publishing has a network of leaders in book distribution in India. Our distributors charge a fee to enable book sales to attend orders on our books over a myriad of platforms. Publishing Houses have a range of payments for this service up to 50%–65% of MRP. Yet Books Mantra has successfully negotiated the distributor fee to only 45% for all our distributors. This ensures the maximum benefit to authors while still enables a wide coverage of the market for sales.

How Many Complimentary Copies Will I Receive?

The quantity of author copies an author receives will be calculated based on factors such as the number of pages, printing expenses, the use of color, and the type of book being printed. For the DIY package, authors do not receive complimentary copies.

Are There Any Conditions For Amazon Prime Listing?

Yes, there are certain criteria, as Books Mantra published books are customized. In some cases, they may not be eligible. Please check with your publishing consultant for clarification.


How Often Can An Author Expect To Receive Payment?

For India sales, a 55-day cycle ensures regular fund disbursement based on the sales accrued for a specific month. For example, payment for January will be processed on the 25th of March. For international sales, a 95-day cycle ensures regular fund disbursement based on the sales accrued for a specific month. For example, payment for January will be processed on the 5th of May. It’s important to note that if sales occur through a physical store distributor, the process may take up to a year.


How Can I Monitor And Keep Track Of My Sales?

Books Mantra, an imprint of Clever Fox Publishing, ensures that you have access to the clarity and accuracy of the number of books you sell right from your Author Dashboard. Here, you can easily account for your books in the market. Our Books Mantra Dashboard showcases all the details of the sale happenings in just one click. The sales of paperbacks in India are updated regularly, and sales through ebooks and international releases are updated monthly.


Is There An Author-Subsidized Cost? What Is The Price At Which An Author Can Purchase Multiple Copies Of The Book?

Books Mantra, an imprint of Clever Fox Publishing, offers authors the option to purchase Author Copies (Direct Sales) at a subsidized price determined by the print run and the MRP.


For International print book sales, what is the basis to calculate author earnings?

The difference of the expenses incurred with the Selling Price determines the profit. Expenses include production costs and distribution charges. From this Clever Fox takes a 37% processing fee.International Sales EarningsLet us assume, the Selling Price of a book is $9.80, and the production cost of the book is $2.99. Now, the profits would be calculated asProfits = [Selling Price – (40% Distribution Cost on Selling Price + Production Cost)] – Processing Fee (37% of the profit amount after deducting distribution cost and production cost)= [$9.80 – ($3.92 + $2.99)] – 37% = [$9.80 – $6.91] – 37% = $2.89 – $1.06 = $1.82You will earn $2.32 when sold via Amazon.com and other Amazon international websites.International Expanded Distribution Let us assume, the Selling Price of a book is $9.80, and the production cost of the book is $2.99 Now, the profits would be calculated asProfits = [Selling Price – (60% Distribution Cost on Selling Price + Production Cost)] – 37% Processing Fee= [$9.80 – ($5.88 + $2.99)] – 37% = [$9.80 – $8.87] – 37% = $0.93 –$0.34 = $0.58Through Ingram or expanded distribution, you will earn $0.58.


As an author, what can I expect as my earnings for eBooks?

When a purchase is completed, a 15% processing fee is collected by Clever Fox Publishing for the eBook earnings on a monthly basis. This covers wire transfer charges international tax deductions as well as fluctuations in exchange rates.


How accurate is your sales report?

We understand the importance of accurate sales information for our authors. While we rely on various platforms and distributors, we are committed to making every effort to ensure the accuracy of the data we provide. Transparency is a core value for us, and we believe in fostering trust with our authors. We started this business with a vision to genuinely serve authors with correct data, and we continue to work on developing technology to provide real-time royalty data. Your trust is essential to us, and we remain dedicated to delivering accurate and transparent information.


How many books will I sell?

t solely depends on the impact of book marketing. If you are under the belt of Clever fox, we take care of the publicity part. Our marketing experts put in all efforts to spread and e-spread the word across all marketing channels. In several countries, your book will be in the stores and the right marketing tactics will make your book find its readers. With free publishing, you are responsible for the sale numbers. If you think you can pull it off, head on!