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A PERSONAL DIARY AND A 52 CARDS DECK. 44 CARDS TO STRENGTHEN THE CONNECTION WITH YOUR OWN UNIQUE SELF, MESSSAGES FROM THE SPIRIT THAT I CALL ANGEL VOICES. ADDITIONAL 4 CARDS FOR PRACTICING MINDFULNESS AND CONCENTRATION THAT ARE SO SIMPLE AND PROFOUND. ADDITIONAL 4 BONUS CARDS TO SPREAD SMILES. DODO is the name of the character on the images.Dodo aims to bring a spark of light and joy with its being, encouraging us to do the same in our lives. (ALL THE IMAGES ARE HAND DRAWN AND ORIGINAL) AND A PERSONAL DIARY/JOURNAL ?WHATEVER THE SEASON OR THE REASON ?? WRITE? Dodo encourages you to dive into your own safe space and write each day. Write and build a beautiful relationship with yourself. The journal is a journey into personal exploration and a wonderful daily morning or bedtime practice. Dodo will ignite your self-introspection mode, as well can be your writing buddy. KEEP WRITING ? BEGIN THE JOURNEY TO START A CONVERSATION WITH YOUR SELF AND CELEBRATE THE UNIQUE YOU.


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