Hana’s Birthday Gift


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“Hana’s Birthday Gift” is a story book for children focusing on the importance of sowing seeds of interest in kids. The story revolves around the routine of a 5 years old kid and how her mother (Maria) consciously makes her child (Hana) involved in different activities like colouring, music, reading/listening to stories, which moulds and makes her to be her highest self.

It aims at promoting reading habits among children in an era where screen time has become inevitable. It emphasises on conscious parenting where children are enabled and given the opportunity to explore and become who they are created to be.

Maria always helps Hana try different activities that she could enjoy while learning. However, the choice was Hana’s. It can lead to what she will be passionate doing. Or become an enthusiast knowing about this world that exists.

Hana is looking forward to her birthday where she is excited to know what her mother would gift. The story is about what would be Hana’s Birthday gift when she turns 6.

I have collaborated with an Italian artist to specifically use his childhood paintings inside the book to kindle and inspire the interest of the young reader. The story also unravels how his paintings are connected with the Birthday Gift planned by Maria for Hana.

A Fronteversismo® painting is used as the cover page of the book along with several of his paintings done as a child.

Fronteversismo®, is an Italian neologism that could be translated with “backandfrontism”, is a term that tries to enclose his new and original way of addressing painting, thinking and cultural life in general in view of a better world of peace. (www.giusart.com) Due permission has been obtained from the artist.

Note: The story is around 2000 words.

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