Color and Learn with Little Bajo: Musical Instruments Played in India.


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‘Color and Learn with little Bajo’ is a great activity book for kids and adults exclusively on Indian musical instruments where you color, learn and quiz and do simple activities!
This book has:
*All elements that are present in a perfect learning and activity book to build interest and curiosity around traditional, popular as well as select rare musical instruments played in India!
* Meticulously designed images of over 35 musical instruments played in Carnatic, Hindustani and other forms of Indian music – designed especially for children to seamlessly absorb detailed features of instruments, their shapes and more!
*Instruments classified as string, percussion and wind instruments – Use easy-to-identify color coding!
* Audio clips of sounds of each instrument –provision for children to listen and identify the sounds of musical instruments with ease!
* Nuggets of simple and easy to understand interesting facts about all instruments – Time to test your friends on their general knowledge about Indian classical music!
*Names of famous musicians associated with these instruments in the Indian classical or semi classical genres!
*Cute colorful illustrations and icons to help children learn faster, remember better and enjoy the activities!
Perfect for Gifting – Perfect return gifts for children in birthday parties!
Use as learning aids, as well as a carry-along book for activities for any family or group events!
A Must-have in all households, schools and libraries across the world!

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