Once, on a Blue Moon: A Night in Shining Amour


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To ignite the spark of a child’s inner creativity, one must transport them to the land of books.

An ethereal bedtime story takes you to Ahmad’s land. When a small child is fascinated by what grown-ups call the ‘Blue Moon’, he is desperate to reach it. Ahmad wants the Blue Moon, but he cannot get anywhere close to it. When all the doors seem closed, it is only Ahmad’s grandfather who can bring a solution to fulfill the little boy’s wish.

Read this heartfelt, touching, and wondrous bedtime short story for children with beautiful illustrations.

Dive in, to light the first rays of curiosity of your little one so that they continue to reign in their creative world.

‘Once, on a Blue Moon’ is the perfect expression of how one feels when they read a book for the first time.

What is that book in your life that immerses you in nostalgia and your inner child comes to life?

Share that same feeling you once felt after getting your first book with your child once more by reading ‘Once, on a Blue Moon’ to them…

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