In the Abode of Clouds


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“The Umngot River in Dawki was clearer than a witch’s crystal ball and you could see the pebbles below more clearly than a witch could see the future.”
This is not just a story, but a cloud of Memories of a little girl, who comes to Meghalaya due to her father’s transferable job and gets lost among the wild flowers and pine trees in the Abode of Clouds. Initially, the fear of missing her old place and old friends is naturally there, but soon she overcomes it when she discovers the magic in The Abode of Clouds. Every little thing about this place awes her and she drools in the aura of the Scotland of the East…

So, travel through the pages of the book to discover how Nabby is spellbound with her new found Fairy Land and enchants you with her experiences there! Come and fall in love with Meghalaya through the eyes of Nabby!

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