There was an old man who lived in a town. He was roaming outside his house, which was situated close to the seaside, and one day while walking on the beach his foot stumbled upon a glittery object. First he was scared to pick it up as it was shining bright and he was fearful of some black magic cast by a witch around. So he left it untouched and started walking away from it, but it’s strange appearance and glimmer drew the old man to come closer and pick up and hold it in his hands.

What happens next, was that a Witch Stone or a Magical power stone? Click the button below to see what happens next.

So he kneeled down and picked up the stone. Suddenly the place turned into a dark forest and the stone turned into a Witch Stone. The old man got scared and started running, but he was again reaching back to the same place where he picked the stone.

So he kneeled down and picked up the stone. He could hear the stone’s voice in his head— that it had magical powers and can change the fortune of the bearer. Delighted upon hearing this voice, the old man returned home with great hopes for reaping the good fortune that the stone had promised.

He woke up in astonishment the next morning and kept thinking about that strange dream. He released that all these were the dream and don’t have any connection to reality. He quickly got up, finished off his morning house chores, took a bath, and had some light meal.