Your Life Graduation


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This book titled “Your Life Graduation” is about unlocking your life treasures and unleashing your true potential in the core pillars of all the ten fulfillment empires of your life. It is a self-awareness and practical blueprint towards your life contentment, sustainable happiness and overall wellbeing of not only an individual but also of building a better society in your own self. The life contentment cannot be found in money or fame, nor living in poverty-stricken life. In contrary to popular opinion, it lies in simply being satisfied in all your life fulfillment empires, including ‘Right Mindset’, ‘Personalset’, ‘Healthset’, ‘Familyset’, ‘Heartset’, ‘Professionalset’, ‘Financialset’, ‘Socialset’, ‘Spiritualset’ and ‘Philanthropicset’. In precise it is about attaining at least basic mastery   in all these life fulfillment empires to become a life graduate irrespective of your financial and social status. The fact is that even richest people or big celebrities lacks or deprives in one or more fulfillment empires, which cost them their life fulfillment and it applies to all sections of people across the geographies on this planet. This book is about building and enriching your ‘Right Mindset’ with right attitude and beliefs, about sowing the fulfillment seeds and harnessing your contentment. It is about taking charge of your personal life, discovering your life purpose and goals. , enriching your intrinsic and extrinsic personal traits to accomplish your life goals. It is about the essence of your physical, mental and emotional health, also nourishing your body, mind, heart and soul for sustainable health and longevity.
The ingredients picked in this book are based on decades of my life experiences and wisdom that I acquired in all facets of my life right from my difficult childhood days of school dropout to attaining my fulfilled life. The purpose of authoring this book is part of my Philanthropicset, to strive and spread wisdom to everyone on their life fulfillment empires by unfolding the life treasures of them.


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