Use of Polyethylene In Production of Various Polymer Grades High Density, Low Density & Low Linear Density in An Indian Perspective


This book is compiled based upon practical experience learned during working around 36 years in various chemical industries viz. Fine Chemical, Fertilizers, Gas Processing, LPG & C2-C3 Recovery Plants, Project Development of Natural Gas pipeline, International Gas Pipeline, LPG Pipelines. LNG Transportation, Project Appraisal, Financial Appraisal, Pre-feasibility / Detailed Feasibility study, City Gas Projects, Designing, Bidding , Costing , due diligence of Petrochemical industry, operation and stabilization of various grades production & stabilization using polymerization technology ( i.e. Slurry, Solution & Gas Phase ) at downstream of petrochemical plants etc. It will provide to understand polyethylene business globally and in the Indian perspective. India is a fast growing economy and petrochemical business is full of challenge as well as opportunities. It is concluded for sharing practical experience for the benefit of students, new entrants, professional & consultants for better learning and understanding.


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