The Visionary Parent


The Visionary Parent: A practical guide to unfold your hurtful legacies and empower your relationship with your child is the quintessential guide to fostering a healthy relationship with your child and learning how to communicate effectively with them. Inside, you’ll find tips, tools, and techniques to help you: • Eliminate negativity • Respond healthily to stressful parenting moments • Unpack and come to terms with your emotions • Become a positive influence in your home • Make meaningful decisions that won’t negatively impact your family • Understand your child’s psychology • And so much more! If you ever feel overwhelmed, unprepared, unsure of how to proceed, or like you’re spiraling out of control, this book provides a healthy, sensible, easy to implement a plan to help you gain control and create a less stressful environment that fosters healthy conversations, positive growth, and a happy home.


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