The Incredible Cybersecurity


This book mainly focuses on cyberthreats and cybersecurity and provides much-needed awareness when cybercrime is on the rise. This book explains how to stay safe and invisible in the online world. Each section covers different exciting points, like how one can be tracked every moment they make? How can hackers watch?. Each section explains how you’re being tracked or found online, as well as how you may protect yourself. End of each section, you can also find the real stories that happened! Sounds very interesting. And you will also find a quote that applies to a particular section and covers the entire section in just one sentence! Readers are educated on how to avoid becoming victims of cybercrime by using easy practical tips and tactics. Case studies and real-life examples highlight the importance of the subjects discussed in each chapter. The content covers not only “hacking chapters” but also “hacking precautions,” “hacking symptoms,” and “hacking cures.” If you wish to pursue cybersecurity as a career, you should read this book. It provides an overview of the subject. Practical’s with examples of complex ideas have been provided in this book. With the help of practical’s, you may learn the principles. We also recommend that you keep your digital gadgets protected at all times. You will be prepared for the digital world after reading this book.


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