The Igniter’s Journey


The Igniter’s Journey: How Design Thinking Helps You To Build Your Entrepreneurship If you are interested in applying the Design and Lean principles and want to develop winning products, this book is for you. This book describes the Design & Lean Product Process for iterating your way to map your core massage-product-market fit. This book follows the Principle of the Deep Innovation System. It provides a framework in 03 areas. 1-It splits problems into three categories: Problem fit, Solution fit, and Growth fit. 2-Elements of Design thinking serve as inputs for the validation cycles and assumptions offered by lean start-ups. 3-It minimizes the risks through validation for the Lean Start-ups. These are the top 09 chapters of the book. Chapter-1 Design Thinking For Start-up, An Innovative Approach for Solving Problems Chapter-2 10 Myths of Design Thinking, An Innovative Approach To Solving People’s Problems. Chapter-3 Design Thinking Process steps: Hunt-Aim-Fire Chapter-4 5 ‘V’s – Powerful Business Innovation Models Which Help You to Shift Left. Chapter-5 09 Powerful Design Thinking Tools Chapter-6 06 Steps to Make The Lean Startup Canvas Exclusive Chapter-7 21 Rapid Ways To Validate Your Start-up’s Minimum Viable Product Chapter-8 Crowdsourcing in India: Will Platform Empower Co-Innovators? Chapter-9 Crowdfunding In India: Will it Fly Successfully? This book is practical, connecting all the dots of the Why, What, and How of Design & Lean Thinking. It is for anyone who wants to apply the said principle in a real-life scenario.


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