The Daily Planner


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We (Varsha and Radhika) are MCA College friends. It’s been more than a decade of friendship. Touch wood 🙂 We both enjoyed planning and anyone who followed our plan was bound to score good marks. We on the other hand would plan, plan and plan as per our requirements. Back then we were intermediates at Planning and Beginners at Implementing. However because of so much of planning considering different scenarios, we became experts there. We started exploring multiple planners and used a lot of them for good 5 years. However, there was something missing, there were few things that we wanted which wasn’t there. One day we decided to design our own planner. After doing a lot of research, we put together this planner which is the first product from the house of Positivitybasket. From a beginner, we have become experts in Planning and Intermediates in Implementation. We hope our planner will help you achieve your goals, without being stressed and help you balance the different key areas of life.


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