Role Dynamics in Pharma Sales Management


Pharma field sales professionals struggle this one question very often- What is the role of my position and sometimes my seniors’ position too. the prime reason of this struggle is that Pharma industry never seriously tried to define different field sales management roles. As this job differentiation is not in public domain, Some Managers used and abused this situation as it suits them. Instead of putting these different roles in public domain, Managers prefer to enjoy this ambiguity by defining the roles differently in different times in different organizations. This virtually divide field sales professionals in two classes- the persecutors and victims or afflicted peoples. It is unfortunate that Pharma Industry never thought of bringing this issue in public domain. As a part of effective pharma field sales management, different organizations at different stages need customized re-drawing of these role’s bifurcation. This need further fueled the blurredness in this area.


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