Rhythms of the Soul


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The poetry collection book titled ?rhythms of the soul? delineated by the prominent literary figure and poetic personality, jyotirmayaji is endowed with so many traits of sum and substance such as vibrating ideas of outstanding nature, comprehensive coverage of significant aspects of life, profundity in terms of thought processes, a refreshing style rarely visible in the world of poetry, the bold and courageous vision of life, The fragmented life projected in a discernible level of certainty, the untrammelled creative freedom so synonymous with creative ventures, the disorientation couched as poetic sensibility to bring succour to the world, The unshakable desire for redemption from the vicious ways of the world, The indomitable spirit shown amidst the debris swarming the self, soulful renditions with a bewitching mode of poetry writing, the narration of life as passing through the fast Lane with its own peculiarities, the reality check on the type of life so lived and cherished, the blissful rise to the top of the pyramid of creativity and the depiction of life as an experience of carefree tone and tenor. As L have perused through the poems of this poetic book, I have come across certain aspects of the world in general and life in particular so articulated in them with a resplendent vibrancy which can be unmistakably termed as the highlights of them. The poems in this book lift the hearts and minds of the readers to that elevation of aesthetic joy and happiness.


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