Reading companion for I Sem BBA, BCOM : As per NEP guidelines (For syllabus prescribed by University of Mysore)


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This handbook authored by Dr. Shalini S. is a ready reckoner for first semester students of BBA and B.Com. Dr. Shalini is a research scholar in the field of literature, an ardent reader and a reflective educator possessing multiple domain expertise. English, which is the language of opportunity, is sure to open doors to greener pastures as English crosses cultures, countries and industries. It’s often used as a ‘common tongue’ if neither person is a native speaker. Students who have command over English have many new opportunities and doors open to them thanks to their skills. The content in this book includes poems, summary, insights and questions to ponder upon. It also includes the prose, summary and questions prescribed by the University of Mysore. The style of narration has been adopted by the author bearing in mind the age of the students. The idea behind keeping the book simple yet illustrative is to make their learning experience an interesting one. Some of the unique features of the book are: ●Summary with the simplest vocabulary ●The recap at the end of each chapter ●The questions for better understanding of the content. Questions are equally important as are answers and Dr. Shalini has justified this belief by adding as many questions as possible so the reader in an attempt to find the answer will eventually understand the content.