Professor Darkwing and the spine-chilling phobias


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Welcome to the universe of Professor Charles Darkwing. Professor had a spooky and frightening life. A lot of catastrophic events happened with him. And now, Professor will begin to tell everything but firstly he will share about the phase of his life where he encountered spine-chilling and weird phobias. Professor C. Darkwing, a one-eyed psychiatrist came across a lot of strange and extraordinary phobias throughout his life. He wants to share all the bizarre cases with you one by one. Like people with fear of being touched, fear of houses, fear of sun and many more. But Professor went missing from his wooden cabin and now a stranger finds the book written by Professor and claims that Professor invoked him. Who is this stranger? How he reached to the cabin of Professor? And where is Professor C. Darkwing? Can Professor cure those phobias? Plenty of questions! Read everything to unravel the answers.
Matter of Fact: “It’s not just the phobias which make Professor’s life tangled up. A lot of secrets are hidden within his life.”
Depart yourself from reality to the world of unfathomable & frantic phobias and the life of Professor C. Darkwing.
This is just the beginning, there is much more to be unravelled about the life of Professor Darkwing. It will be a creepy and crazy journey into the universe of a mysterious psychiatrist, Professor Charles Darkwing.
A bunch of twists and turns are waiting for you!
This is the first book in the series about the thrilling and adventurous life of Professor Darkwing.