Perspectives on Migrant Health


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Human mobility in search of a job and better living conditions is a rising phenomenon across the globe. Internal and International migration has an impact on the health of migrants as well as the host community. Therefore, a well-planned realignment of the health systems is essential for attaining universal health coverage. The book on Perspectives Migrant Health is a compilation of papers presented during the National E-conference on Migrant Health Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), organized as part of the Indian Council for Social Science Research- Impactful Policy Research in Social Science (ICSSR-IMPRESS) funded project by Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous), Kerala. This book consists of empirical and conceptual papers on various perspectives on the health of the migrant community. Articles dealing with a theoretical perspective on the mental wellbeing of migrant workers, analysis of policies and programmes dealing with the health of female migrant workers, health-seeking behaviour and health care utilization among interstate migrant workers working in the unorganized sector, their health status and human rights violations faced by them, and the social wellbeing dimension of the health of the children of migrant workers are included. One of the papers also emphasises the need for a convergence approach to tackling migrant issues and proposed a framework for sustainable health services.


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