Obturation techniques in Primary teeth


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Primary teeth are natural space maintainers which should be preserved till their physiological exfoliation. Pulpectomy is a conservative treatment option to salvage infected primary teeth. However, primary teeth with their bizarre root canals that undergo continued secondary dentin deposition and physiological root resorption combined with pathological changes present a significant endodontic challenge especially during obturation. The obturation technique used should ensure a hermetic seal and at the same time prevent extrusion of the obturation material which would be detrimental to the successor teeth. This book discusses various obturation techniques for primary teeth root canals and summarize the evidence . It was found that various factors like obturation material used, location of teeth in the oral cavity, canal anatomy, handling characteristics, cost and treatment time play an important role in the clinician’s choice of obturation technique. Therefore, there is no single technique that can be recommended as ‘ideal’ for obturation.


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