Niraba Hrudayara Spandan


Life is an obscure path, here it is unknown that which mysterious is waiting in the next step. Everyone moves forward in this unknown path, just because it is a continuous process. Nowadays in the path of life, only a crowd exists around the human being, and has been losing himself in that crowd. But being in that crowd collects experience in every moment. Sometimes it is the tenderness of a flower, sometimes it is hurts of the throne. Sometimes breeze of love, sometimes sorrow and pain. Sometimes dream, sometimes real, sometimes Ecstacy of gain and sometimes pain of loss. Likely many things touch my heart at every moment. But we can’t express it. But when we get out of the crowd and give our heart a little rest, it lets us feel everything in every beat. To collect those beat of silent hearts, here is our ” Niraba Hrudayara Spandan”



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