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Nakul,is a story of passion,of emotions.Nakul, an eleven year old school going boy is passionate about football and greatly attached to his pets.His sister and grandmother play an important role in his life, while Karthik and Bhupinder, his friends in school,are many times Nakul’s guiding light.
His shy nature stops him from asking doubts from his teachers. Thus he is many times laughed at by other class mates for his wrong answers.
Remembering names and dates in History is a mystery for him, and sometimes latitude – longitude make him puzzled.
The story sees love between teens,crush of young ones,and a turning point is Nakul’s visit to his paternal Village.
Meeting his cousin Bhombol brings a turning point in his life. The city boy gains confidence,clarity and hope thus making his stay memorable in the village.
Does Nakul return to the city? What is his outlook? What’s the new change in Nakul?
The book shall answer all.