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MONOSTITCH COSMOS is a collection of two hundred
magnificent micro poems written by veteran Jyotirmaya Thakur. All these micropoems are
written in free verse style. There are many micropoems in the collection that delight the mind
and calm down the puzzles of the heart. These poems while imbibing the content deeply, make
the book special. She excelled in all types of poetry- old and new. Her poetry prosperously
appeals to her readers’ senses and thoughts because it entertains a higher level of
sensuousness; in that the reader can feel, touch, taste, see, smell and hear all the ideas she
expresses intimately . This anthology is a refreshing collection of soulful poems on life, love,
beauty of nature and human values for the harmony of the world. I am delighted to come across
this imaginative venture of poetic compositions of exquisite nature.