Manjushree Thapa in Nepali Literary Map


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This book draws inferences on the basis of the analysis of the plot and characters of Thapa’s novels and short stories: the social institutions such as politics, family, marriage and migration which figure prominently in all the narratives under scrutiny. These narratives are of two types – the ones which are set in Nepal and the ones which are set in host nations. Depending on the settings of the narratives, issues such as cultural assimilation and cultural alienation are inscribed on them. Nepali literature in English is relatively a new branch of South Asian literature. This branch of socio-cultural expressions deals with the social, political and cultural aspects of modern Nepal. The narratives of Manjushree Thapa reveal images of both urban and rural Nepali lives. These narratives also reveal the political situation of contemporary Nepal, reflecting the ideologies represented by various social groups.


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