Love In Lockdown


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It’s a beautiful love story with an autobiographical presentation that embarks on the onset of lockdown due to Covid 19 pandemic. Ismail and Ilma met on… an India based matrimonial website He’s 42 and she’s 30. Due to the major contrast in their respective ages, it seems pretty impossible for them to unite, still the author keeps up with his sincerity, sobriety and affection and at last befriends her, steals her heart, but marriage is yet far from becoming a reality. They both fall in deep love and promise to tie the knot soon after lockdown but his age and two children are not the only hurdles but Munaf, a proposal that emerges for Ilma which is far better than author’s. Commencing with an invincible romance, the story later might turn out to be an unprecedented tragedy. He wins her lover’s heart but will he lose her against her family? against Munaf? against destiny? Find out more..