We are in the Fourth Industrial Revolution known as Industry 4.0 and the technology is evolving at a rapid pace. IT Career in a nutshell is purely a performance-oriented career, one has to upgrade their skills in line with the technology trends. The career span of any performance-oriented career is shortening due to the intense competition, non-agility, and changing dynamics. One side of the corporate world is paying you very well, but the other side of the corporate is tracking your life patterns and making you overspend. The author through his 20 years of IT experience and hard-learned lessons has unearthed the known unknown secrets on corporate traps, delayed growth, unplanned Career, and other factors that would lead your Career into a mid-career crisis, which is an undiagnosed problem. A situation where you are stuck in quicksand until your neck and no one is around to help; you would reach a stage where making hard decisions is next to impossible. The author has best analyzed this deep-rooted problem and explains it through his Decision Impediment Model (DIM) Framework. Also explained using of simple tools and techniques if one sets their IT Career Blueprint in comparison with a T20 Cricketer Mindset (which is also a performance-oriented career) could thrive, and avoid the pit falls that would hinder your growth.

Who can Benefit from this Book?

• Aspiring students and fresh graduates who want to start their career in the IT industry

• Working Professional between 1-15 years of experience on how to change their career strategy.

• Working Professional between 15 to 20 years of experience on how to avoid or overcome the mid-career crisis.

• For everyone who is struggling and frustrated in their IT career, this could be your career guide. The game keeps evolving and changes its format,       playing the game without understanding the rules could make you retired hurt.


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