Indian guide book: Pre and postnatal care in the USA


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“An Indian middle-aged woman goes to a foreign country to help her
young daughter deliver her first baby. 
She narrates interesting tales of her experience preparing for this ‘big
event’ of childbirth and then actually going through it! The book talks
about Indian traditional methods of using herbs with medicinal values
and authentic recipes used during pregnancy and after delivery to help
heal new moms and babies to thrive.
The world has become a global village and young generations are
crossing their country’s boundaries to settle down away from their own
roots to create a home away from home. The book will be a perfect
reference book for new parents who desire to use traditional age-old
methods to nurturer their new baby with simple daily massage/bathing
techniques or for a grandma who wishes to try her hand at basic sewing
techniques for her beloved grandbabies.”


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