How to Raise a Happy Family


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What is the reason for increasing negativity in the world? Why is it so difficult to let go of resentment, regret, and guilt? Why have children stopped listening to us?
Alaina, a mother of two, answers these questions and more in this collection of twenty easy-to-read stories. She is determined to give her children a self-empowered and emotionally stable life while dealing with daily triggers like peer pressure, adult bullying, society demands, and fears of all kinds. Enjoy light-hearted interactions between family members interspersed with Alaina’s moments of deep self-reflection. This helps her family tackle repetitive feelings of irritation, anxiety, and loss of control that drive most people up the wall. Recharge and renew yourself as you find out how the family converts personal stressors into powerful tools that work for them instead of against them.


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