Eldar Ahadov’s Fairy Tales


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This book is now in your hands. It is a collection of 22 compelling fairy tales both in Russian and in English versions for the readers to enjoy texts in both the languages. Every tale is independent with its own quality and moral lessons. The style of presentation of the tales with direct and implied information can be assessed strong enough to subtly compel its readers to go through the book in deep and think. The good and thin, the sack of potatoes, the end of the world, The White horse, the wrong dog, the very evil Clown, on the seven winds, good old life and others are all beautiful fairy tales. Beautiful illustrations by the Russian artists accompanying the fairy tales are adding to this book special quality of being its fairy and will hopefully help the readers figure out about the tales beforehand. The book can be equally recommended for the adults. I believe this will prove a notion valid that the fairy tales are equally recommendable for the kids and well-educated adult readers as well.


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