COVID 19 and Migrant Health


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COVID 19 impacted the migrant population significantly compared to the general population. The increased vulnerability is due to several factors such as precarious living conditions and working environment; inaccessibility of healthcare services; exclusion of migrants in the pandemic plan of states and countries; mass movement of migrants back to their homes; and loss of employment, and economic impact. Thus, there have been multiple risks attached to labour migration and migrant health during the spread of CVOD 19. The book on COVID 19 and Migrant Health is a compilation of papers presented during the National E-conference on Migrant Health and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), organized as part of the Indian Council for Social Science Research- Impactful Policy Research in Social Science (ICSSR-IMPRESS) funded project by Rajagiri College of Social Sciences (Autonomous), Kerala. COVID 19 has severe ramifications on the lives of interstate migrant workers in India. The papers included unravels the impacts on livelihood, health, the mental health of the migrant workers. Issues faced by migrant children, women and men are discussed in different articles. Social Work response to situations caused by COVID 19 is also discussed. Empirical papers on the lives of migrant workers during the COVID 19 pandemic in Delhi, Odisha, Bihar, Kerala and Karnataka form part of different chapters in the book. A global perspective on the right to health of migrant children in COVID 19 is also discussed in one of the chapters. The book is a compilation of information on the health of migrant workers during the COVID 19 pandemic.


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