Casual Sexual Encounters


When you hear ?casual sexual encounters?, do you wriggle your toes, or curious, or say everything once worth a try or uptight when you see, hear or read words like kinks, ejaculation, clitoral vs. Vaginal orgasm, gazing (Act of orgasming), Fetishism, humping in secret or being humped by a stranger, masturnap (falling sleep after masturbation), mantherism (a man of 50 or 60 or more seeks young girls), Ninja sex (sex done quietly so as to wake up others in the house or your boarder mates). today you can see them on the billboards, advertisements and hoardings, blaring from the radio, reference in Hollywood songs, in newspapers and magazines. These could be bold, understated or disguised. The word, sexting is popular, and heads of state indulge. It is indeed quite common new and a commentary on our times. They reflect the morals of people.


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