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The book introduces the reader to the field study of Astrology and various other intrinsic features like understanding the Zodiac and the basis for the interpretation of horoscope. It also gives an overview of various Yogas formed as a result of a combination of planets. Certain common topics of interest like KaalSarpa Yoga, Mars dosha, Sade Sati are discussed. Other interesting topics like Leadership, Studying Abroad and Medical Astrology has also been discussed. In a nutshell, the ultimate aim of this collection is to get a bird’s eye view of the various nuances of Astrology that are of contemporary interest. This compilation has been written taking into consideration the needs and aspirations of students of Astrology and Beginners. As far as possible, general lessons of Astrology are presented in an easy to understand fashion. My humble experience as an amateur Astrologer for the last 40 years has enabled me to present the book in a simple manner. If people reading this book get enthused to learn more about Astrology, I feel rewarded and excited.

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