ABC of Vedic Astrology is a genuine effort to bring Astrology closer to the aspiring students and beginners. The book is well structured, simplified and adheres to the principles of Vedic Astrology. Several topics in the book are presented with a contemporary outlook and easy to remember fashion. The book starts with an introduction to Rasi, Nakshatras and planets and also goes on to explain the various facets of Vedic Astrology. There are also deliberations, case studies, Astro charts and useful tabulations for better understanding of Vedic Astrology.The USP of the book is brevity shown in the narration. Normally beginners are bewildered with several rules and this book makes an attempt to dispel the same. The book though short and crisp, is exhaustive enough for the beginners to understand the basics of Vedic Astrology. In fact my earlier book, ‘’Astro Musings” is compliment to this book.


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