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    If I speak less now
    It means…..
    I have come to accept things as they are.
    It means I have said what I wanted to and nothing’s left;
    It means I have given up fighting to make you understand.
    It means I don’t trust you enough and can see through your intentions.
    It means i don’t care enough to patch up:
    It means I am no longer willing to bear the brunt of the wounds you inflict on me,
    It means that I am not willing to take up the blame for your faults.
    It means I have understood my true worth and what i deserve.
    It means I have understood that I am all alone,
    It means that I am ready to accept our responsibilities as mine.
    It means, being a woman, I am more of a man than you will ever be!
    It means I have gained the confidence that I can pull through this,
    It means that i have found my inner peace.



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