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    Why do you write Non-Fiction?

    While in my career, writing was just one part of my responsibilities. I wrote company newsletters, press releases, report summaries, website information pages, user manuals and more.

    But, as a prematurely retired person, I decided to finish one of my novels, Gina’s Dream, a science-fiction romance with little science or romance, it is an environmental call to arms.

    During the writing and self-publishing process, I had to tackle marketing. One tip from many self-published writers was “offer something free on your website or blog.” Many of these writers offered small cookbooks. I am not a cook but I had a collection of fall back recipes I could make, so I organized the recipes, added a few more with a little chatter and self-published it, Recipes from the Kitchen of a Frugal Non-Cook. The cookbook was more popular than the novel. This motivated me to test recipes for another cookbook. While I am still in that process, I also published Mocktails and a Budget Guest Accommodation Opportunities Marketing Report, Merida, Mexico. This report stemmed from a study I did for a friend.

    So, I have reverted to writing non-fiction rather than continue to try being a novelist.

    With non-fiction, I struggle finding topics to write about because I have no expertise in any area. I still tinker with my embryonic novels but find it hard to concentrate on them because my days are broken up into segments. I need hours to focus on novel writing.

    At the moment, I am helping a friend write and self-publish a cookbook, in Spanish.

    I never imagined I would write one cookbook, much less two or help others to self-publish theirs.

    It was tips from other self-published writers that started me down this road.

    I am looking for more inspiration to see where my writing will take me.



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