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Books Mantra is a treasure trove of user generated discussions, updates, and trivia around your favourite books and authors. Besides readers, we’re also committed to helping authors, seasoned as well as first timers, to ensure their book makes the best possible impact.

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Started in 2022, Books Mantra is an initiative of Clever Fox Publishing, a leading hybrid publisher based out at Bangalore & Chennai. At Books Mantra, our mantra is to strengthen the Indian publishing industry by helping authors promote and market their books easily and directly with the readers, and to help create a vibrant community of book lovers.

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Our aim is to create a world wide network of readers who are connected with each other as well as with the authors using our platform. We strive to make sure that authors and books get the platform they deserve.

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At Books Mantra we believe in letting our work speak for itself. Helping authors find a wide readership and appreciation for their work by helping them with all their marketing and distribution needs is our goal.

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